Since 2014, The University of Tennessee (Knoxville) MSA has organized the MSA Showdown. This three day long affair consists of competitions and spiritual enlightenment. Organized separately for both brothers and sisters, activities include hiking, sports, nasheed, photography, poetry, tajweed, film, and writing.

The purpose of MSA Showdown is to unify MSA's for the sake of Allah. It serves as a forum for efficient and effective interaction between MSA's across the United States. The committee focuses on facilitating networking and training/development, and operates with the understanding that through cooperation we can achieve much more than we can accomplish individually.

MSA showdown has been connecting MSA's to one another and to useful resources for the past decade. The goal is to create a network where young Muslims can discuss possible solutions to problems and exchange ideas that help these organizations reach their highest potential. Additionally, we are focusing on leadership development for the executive officers to provide them with practical tools to manage their MSA board.